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Giesse S.r.l.
Via P. Mascagni, 9 - 55016 Porcari (Lucca) - Italy
tel.: +39 0583 211163
fax.: +39 0583 211108
P.Iva: 02020390460
Maintenance of paper machines and machinery
Giesse s.r.l. has developed a specialized division for paper industry machines maintenance and repairing.

A wide range of interventions has been performed so far on different machines with the best available technology, helping our staff to grow more and more efficient.
Our 24/7 customer service provides fast and constant assistance, drastically reducing forced stop periods due to mechanical malfunctions.
The service provides:
  • on-site intervention (device check and disassembling);
  • repairing or rebuilding of faulty parts;
  • on-site reassembling.
We also offer:
  • complete overhaul of paper industry machines mechanical parts;
  • impeller reloading;
  • pump overhaul;
  • roller reconstruction;
  • production and assembling of metal components.
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